30 May, 2008 GammaSoft sponsored HKCII May Last Friday Fellowship

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30 May, 2008 GammaSoft sponsored HKCII May Last Friday Fellowship

On 30 May, 2008, we sponsored the Last Friday Fellowship of Hong Kong Chamber Insurance Intermediaries (HKCII). The heavy rain did not inhibit some 40+ of their members attended the event. Some attended the event solely because they want to see InsPal and had shown keen interest to the product.

During the event, our Chief Architect, Mr. Simon Kwan, briefly explained feature of InsPal. Two trial PCs were set up and let the attendants to try our software for free; or subscribe a trial account for trial later. Many attendants has signed up for trial on-spot.

Mr. Joseph Sit, President of HKCII, thanked Gamma for the sponsorship and commented that HKCII should invite more parties other than insurance companies to be sponsors of this event, so at to widen the variety of sponsors and make the society more out-reaching. Mr. Sit also commented all insurance intermediaries should need a system like InsPal, especially the CRM feature.

Mr. Ivan Chiu, CEO of Realife Insurance Brokers Limited, who is known to a pioneer user of IT systems in his business, gave his opinion on why he selected InsPal to replace their old insurance systems. He said InsPal has moved in a correct direction in adopting web as its platform, because it allows people to work “anywhere, everywhere”, as nowadays businessmen work wherever they can. He also praised that InsPal has many innovative features such as SMS greeting and follow-up, strong claim processing functions, and most importantly, CRM. Finally, he encouraged InsPal to work harder and achieve a higher success.

Hewlett Packard (HP) has sponsored some premium gifts to the guests. Special thanks to HP.