Target User

Insurance intermediaries, including corporate and individual


InsPal is a comprehensive, integrated-yet-modular application tailored for insurance intermediaries that deals with all the needs of a modern insurance market.

The design of InsPal is based on many years of insurance experience and insightful user comments. InsPal derives its rich functionality as a leading provider of insurance intermediary solutions.

The InsPal platform opens up a new horizon for the insurance intermediaries and revolutionizes the way to work in the modern insurance market.

The functional architecture of InsPal enables it to be deployed across a variety of scenarios supporting different business functions and roles:

  • As an individual agent to manage and organize his day-to-day information

  • As a corporate intermediary to manage the company performance

  • As a regional director to manage the performance of the team


Key Benefits

  • State-of-the-art Technology. Replace old technologies seamlessly with a software-as-a-serviceweb application

  • Pervasive. Web-based application to create a virtual team anywhere, anytime

  • Single Platform. Replace multiple disparate and legacy systems with a single integrated webapplication across countries

  • Better Customer Service. Build and retain customer relationships based on the focus of CRM

  • Better Producer Support. Producers, no matter in-house or out-sourced, can access his own data.anywhere, anytime, saving redundant administration costs to improve customer services

  • New Marketing Dimension. Opens up multiple new delivery channels (run on any web enabled devices at 7×24) allowing you to reach out to new customers and business

  • Streamline Operations. Integrate the existing enterprise in-house applications to offer a single

  • Paperless Office. Document imaging provide better and more efficient operation

  • Low Initial and Long-term IT Cost. No expensive upfront and on-going hardware investment.
    All hardware, data backup, security and IT support hassles are handled by us. Lower price for much higher volumes without any increases in resources or infrastructure costs. Improve bottom-line andstakeholder rewards

  • Scientific, Organized and Measurable Management. Wtih the CRM module, comes with a richset of MIS and business performance reports, enable you to track the last minute business status

  • Free, On-going Upgrade. While we continue to listen to your needs and improve the software,there is no additional cost for version upgrade

  • Low Risk for Implementation. Free trial available before subscription

Key Features

  • Multi-language, instant switching

  • Multi-company

  • Multi-currency

  • Multiple output channels, e.g. print copy, soft copy, fax, e-mail, SMS

  • Clear view of Key Performance Index (KPI) using built-in Dashboards

  • Leading-edge integration with other web applications, e.g. e-mail, SMS, Instant Messengers

  • Calendars

  • Customer-centric, which offers a single view of the client regardless of the number of insurance types and companies

  • Product based architecture, which allows users to add new policy template based on business needs and utilize common services across all modules

  • Enterprise Data Warehousing capability with a comprehensive set of Business Intelligence Packs built specifically for market analysis such as Prospect Management, Profitability and Marketing Management

  • Sophisticated Security Management System with access control at multiple levels. e.g. Producer can only view his own records

  • Online user manual and live online support

InsPal Mini

Target User

Individual Agents and Referrers


InsPal Mini is a smart phone application (but no need to download or install) that allows an individual agent or referrer to maintain one’s client, quote, policy, claims and document image without depending on support from one’s insurance company


Key Benefits

  • Freedom of information independent of any insurance company

  • Customer-oriented

  • Free (under 50 policy records)

Key Features

  • No need to download or install app

  • Independent of mobile phone application

  • Can store client, provider, quote, policy, renew and claim information

  • Auto-reminder on policy expiry

  • Auto-reminder on client’s birthday or anniversary *

InsPal Bancassurance Edition (IBE)

Target User




It is a bancassurance software system for banks which also conducts insurance business.

InsPal Underwriter Edition (IUE)

Target User

Insurance companies (GI)



It is a software system for insurance companies.